Around The Hound Animal Care Services, LLC

A local, single owner service company that will give your animals the quality care that they demand.

What is included in my In-Home Visit?

This visit includes a specific amount of time (30, 45, or 60 minutes) with your pet. This includes many options including walks, playtime indoor or outdoor, and just plain TLC for your animal. We will also if requested feed, water, give treats, do a health check, bring in the mail, and do a check of the house for accidents. 

Are you insured/qualified?

Yes, we have liability insurance and bonding through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. We are also certified in Pet First Aid through the American Red Cross, and are members of Professional United Pet Sitters. 

Do I have to leave a copy of my key with you?

Yes, hidden keys can become lost or forgotten or moved. A garage door code only not work during a power outage. Your key will be stored under a number system in a secure locked box and not by name for safety.  For the safety of your pet, your home, and lastly us, your home MUST remain locked at ALL times.  We will not visit a home that is left "open" for family members or friends to take care of the pets between our visits.  We must remain responsible for your pet and your home the entire time we are caring for them and to do so, we must be the sole caregiver the entire time.

Me and my neighbor are going on vacation, can they put their pet in our house?

No, visiting pets are not allowed. Our liability insurance only allows us to take care of your pet in your home.

Do I get a copy of my signed contracts back?

All paperwork is required prior to on at the initial interview visit, along with proof of current rabies vaccine (tag's are not proof).  You may NOT leave them for us at the first alone visit. Copies of all the required paperwork are available on our website. By request we will return a copy of your signed paperwork on our next visit to your site.

Will you let my dog out in our fenced in back yard or on a tie-out or invisible fence during the day or can my cat be outside?

No, for liability and safety reasons we never let pets off a leash, this includes "doggie doors". Pets often react differently when owners are away and can get injured or injure someone else while not under our control.